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Singing Telegrams

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Create a once in a life time experience for the lucky recipient of a singing telegram. This is a gift that will stand out to everyone who sees it and will always be remembered! We use the information you give us to joke with the recipient and will incorporate it into a special song as well. We will go anyplace anytime & are expert at coordinating with employers. Whether you want funny, sexy, shocking, classy or cute, we promise you will be very satisfied with the result!


Telegrams are 7-10 minutes. The lucky person will have 3 songs sung to them, with 1 that incorporates the personal information you choose to give us! A professional Singer will arrive in a Tuxedo or dressed as a unique & fun character to entertain.


Prices start at $150 (Travel charges may apply)

*You can add balloons or flowers for a small extra charge.


Don Juan-derful: Dressed in a full Tuxedo, this classy Casanova will be charming and serenade the ladies.


San Antonio Sam: This Cowboy fresh of the Texas range will bring some down-home fun to the party. He’ll hoot and holler Y’all, but sings like an angel!


Safari explorer: Dinosaur tracker and outdoor specialist. This guy is on the hunt for a special person to sing to!


Disco King: This cheesy character will make you laugh and dance, and that's just from seeing his bell bottom pants and Afro hair do. He is 70’s cool at its finest man!


Cool Crooner: This Frank Sinatra classic loves to sing Jazz. His rat pack style will add fun to any party.


Captain Jack: What is a pirates’ favorite letter? "Rrrrrrrrrrr" This boisterous character will make a splash that will wash away the boredom and bring on the laughs!


Nerd: This Jim Carey like character is hilarious, especially since he is the long-lost sweetheart of the recipient. He may start loud and goofy, but once he uses his special spray he sings like an angel!


Marilyn: This classic blonde bombshell will take you back to Hollywood's Golden Age!

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